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Sonja Breeding, CFP® Joins Rebalance as Vice President, Investment Advice, Expanding Firm’s Financial Planning Division

Bethesda, MD – JULY 26, 2021 – Rebalance, an award-winning wealth management firm that offers world-class investing, financial planning, and personalized advice to individual investors and small businesses, announces the addition of investment expert Sonja Breeding, CFP® to the team as Vice President, Investment Advice. The Rebalance360 service platform provides clients with financial planning, investment… Continue reading

Why it’s Important to Remember What We Don’t Know About Stocks

The nosebleed heights of today’s stock prices have me, like many other investors, a bit on edge. Have equities become too risky? How much longer will the decade-long bull market last? Is a stock crash or a recession coming? Should I sell? I called Burton Malkiel at his home in Florida recently to talk about… Continue reading

Rebalance Expands Wealth Management Practice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 13, 2019 Drew Pratt Joins Rebalance As Vice President of Investment Advice   Rebalance, a mission-driven investment firm committed to making premium wealth management services affordable and accessible to everyday investors, has announced the addition of Drew Pratt to the position of Vice President, Investment Advice. Pratt will help contribute to… Continue reading

Finding Investment Advice for More Modest Retirement Accounts

Finding Investment Advice For More Modest Retirement Accounts

The New York Time’s Ron Lieber discusses the problem of getting premium investment service without having a premium retirement portfolio. His exploration reveals a gap between high-end institutional-style investing and the high-fee world of actively-managed mutual funds. Rebalance, he concludes, is here to fill that gap. Continue reading

Burt Malkiel Wall Street Journal Indexing Beats Wall Street

Indexing Beats Wall Street 90% of the Time

A recent report from Standard & Poor’s adds impressive support to the large body of evidence suggesting the superiority of simple index investment strategies over traditional stock picking. At the start of every year, “active” portfolio managers declare that the current year will be the “year of the stock picker.” But the results consistently fail… Continue reading

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