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Burt Malkiel time-tested retirement investing advice

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Known as one of the “few great investment books” ever written, Rebalance Investment Committee member Burt Malkiel’s completely revised and updated edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, accentuates our investment methodology of using low-cost, diversified index funds, guided by efficient market theory. Continue reading

Read The Elements of Investing by Charley Ellis

The Elements Of Investing

Authors Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel, two of the investment world’s greatest thinkers, have combined their talents to produce The Elements of Investing—a short, straight-talking book about investing and saving that will put you on a path towards a lifetime of financial success.
Continue reading

index revolution

The Index Revolution: Why Investors Should Join it Now

What is the best way for investors to achieve above average results, and generate the most return for the least amount of risk? Legendary financial expert Charles Ellis answers that query as he chronicles his personal journey from Wall Street broker to champion of portfolio indexing. In his new book, The Index Revolution, Charley offers a compelling read… Continue reading

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