Every year, companies come out with their “ultimate gift guide” for the husband / wife / daughter / tech geek, etc. Seemingly missing from this never-ending list of must-haves is one that caters specifically to the motivated retirement investor.

Sure, finances and investing may not be go-to topics for holiday dinner fare, but they’re important conversations none-the-less. And what better way to start the talk than with a creative gift? That’s why our firm compiled this gift guide of smart investment-centric gifts to give to the aspiring Warren Buffett in your life. Take a look, and get your loved one a stocking stuffer that will help them retire with more.

1. A Carl Richards Behavior Gap Print

Carl Richards Gift

Carl Richards, acclaimed author of The Behavior Gap and artist known for his simplified sketches representative of complex investing ideas, has not only a few books for sale in his webstore, but you can also nab one of his sketches. Richards is a Certified Financial Planner who uses his finance industry savvy to break down industry jargon, and present smart investment practices to the masses via simple napkin sketches. What better way to motivate someone to get smart about their retirement savings than with an art piece that is also educational? Purchase a piece here.

2. A Piggy Bank that Counts Your Savings

Piggy Bank Savings

It may look like just your average coin bank, but this piggy packs a punch. Each piece of change is diligently counted (and remembered) by this bank, and it will even recite to you how much you have in your savings. This is the perfect gift to inspire a kid, teen, or young adult to start saving, motivate them to set a goal and once reached, invest that change wisely. Remember – change invested today, becomes your retirement income tomorrow. Get it here.

3. The Financial Guidebook Elements of Investing by Burt Malkiel & Charley Ellis

Elements of Investing

Often touted as the ultimate financial guidebook for aspiring investors, The Elements of Investing by Rebalance Investment Committee members Burt Malkiel and Charley Ellis is a must-have for anyone serious about saving. The book is concise, can be read in a single afternoon, and is packed with valuable life-changing investment advice from two of the top thought-leaders of this century.

Sure, we might be biased, but take it from Forbes’ review of Elements: ” [Makiel and Ellis] join forces to provide one of my favorite short reads on investing and saving. Perfect for readers of all ages and experience levels.” Purchase Elements here.

4. Donate to a Favorite Charity



This gift is truly a win-win-win. While not overtly an “investment” gift, giving to someone’s favorite charity shows them that you care about causes important to them, and provides money to those in need during the holiday season. Giving to charity on behalf of your child can also help you teach them the value of money and instill a lifelong tradition of giving during a season that’s typically centered on spending.

Additionally, charitable donations are tax write-offs, providing you with more money to invest in your own 401(k)! If you need some giving inspiration – check out this recent blog featuring some of our favorite charities & non-profits.

5. Cold Hard Cash (to be used for Investing, of course)

Cash Investment

Cash may not be the most original holiday gift, but it can certainly be a powerful one. Think about it, if you give your loved one money to invest today it will gain interest and compound over time, building them a nice little starter nest egg. Also, if you deem the money strictly for investing, perhaps it will motivate your savings-averse kid to start getting serious.

6. A Stress Ball (to avoid making emotional mistakes)

emotional investing

We know that investing in and of itself can be extremely stressful. Couple that stress with the constant fear-invoking financial headlines touted by major news networks, and emotional investing can seem near impossible to avoid. However, it is important for long-term investors to stay the course, and avoid jumping in and out of the market, which can lead to money loss in the long run. If you know someone who is an avid watcher of Mad Money, you may want to give them one of these balls, which will let the tension out without without putting hundreds or thousands at risk. You can cite this article about emotional investing to make your case on why this stress ball is the perfect stocking stuffer. Get it here.

7. Tony Robbins’ Money Master the Game

Tony Robbins Money

Many know Tony Robbins as a motivational speaker who travels the country touting his brand of self-help methodology. But did you know that Robbins is also a savvy retirement saver? In his book Money Master the Game, Tony gives valuable advice on how those struggling with saving and finances can take control of their money, and therefore regain control on their life. This is the perfect addition to anyone’s bookshelf, with the classic Robbins brand of positivity infused throughout the pages. Get the book here.

8. Wall Street Themed Movies

Do you have a filmophile in your life? Even if your loved one isn’t the most ardent movie-goer, these films are timeless in their messages and incredible stories. They make the perfect give for anyone even tangentially interested in investing.

Whether laughing through John Landis’ Trading Places, cringing at Jordan Belfort’s unscrupulous spending habits in Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street, or getting red-faced angry at con-artist Bernie Madoff in Barry Levison’s cautionary tale Wizard of Lies, these movies are a must-have for the movie lover on your list. Get Trading Places here, Wolf of Wall Street here, and Wizard of Lies here.


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