Recently, I sat down with Ed Melick at Grace in 30, a radio broadcast out on WERA-LP Arlington, to discuss the life-changing event that motivated me to cultivate a business centered on better investing.

Grace in 30 summarizes my experience thusly:

About 19 years ago, Mitch Tuchman was sitting in a McDonalds when he saw a school bus unloading a group of severely disabled teenagers. The sight and proximity of the teens rattled him, and he wept. Two years before, he and his wife had given birth to a disabled boy named Jack and the teens provided a glimpse into their future. Mitch joins us to talk about the many lessons he has since learned from Jack, and the company that grew out of his motivation to ensure that Jack would never become a financial burden to his siblings or others.

Listen in to my conversation with Ed, and find out exactly how my love for my special needs son sparked a revolutionary world-class investment business.



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