Better K is Rebalance’s innovative 401(k) plan designed to dramatically improve investment options for small business owners and their employees. 

Why We’re Better

Lower fees, highest quality advice and painless administration. We shoulder the complex requirements of 401(k) management for you while providing world-class investment guidance and financial planning to your employees.

Plan Offerings

Uncomplicate the investment process for you and your team. Low cost, diversified and efficient, our portfolios provide clarity and confidence. Along with great investments, you get timely financial planning and ongoing, personal guidance from qualified pros.

Our Partners

We work with the biggest firms in the business; Charles Schwab and Vanguard. Trusted names bring the power of scale and deep investing experience. That means your money is safe and your costs are well below industry averages.

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Rebalance can help small businesses reduce 401(k) fees by 50% or more. Get started today!

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The history of the most common American retirement plan — the workplace 401(k) — is long, but the essential idea is simple. Save money today and lower your current income taxes. Put in pre-tax money while you are working and take money out later, and pay the income taxes when you take money out in… Continue reading


What to Do When Your 401(k) Leaves Something to Be Desired


Over the course of a career, the high fees and a lower-quality menu of investment options found in some plans can shrink your balance significantly. Chris Gentry is meticulous about his craft — he’s a professional woodworker at a small company in Brooklyn, N.Y., that makes custom dining and coffee tables, cabinets and interiors. He… Continue reading

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5 Crucial Elements of Small Business Retirement Plan Design


Business owners often adopt best practices when it comes to a new product or service. They should take the same approach toward small business retirement plan design. It’s easy to assume that all plans are the same. They are not. That’s why design matters. In our experience, no matter the size of your business, there… Continue reading