The Biggest Financial Mistakes Doctors Make


I purchased a home in 1980 (before the practice!) at the peak of the housing boom  for $800 per month per month  (12 percent interest rate), bought a new car in 1981 for $310 a month (18 percent), then finally… Continue reading


Do-It-Yourself Finance VI: Red Flags and Scams


There are all kinds of scams out there. Knowing where you are investing and how to avoid swindlers are important for your financial future. Here are 10 warnings and recommendations to help keep your savings and investments safe. Red Flag… Continue reading


Gain An Early Financial Advantage


You are finally done — a doctor. And you’ve waited seemingly forever as your non-medical friends now have nice autos and purchased a home. They also have the time and money to dine out and entertain frequently. But it’s your… Continue reading

College payment

Is It My Retirement Or … My Children’s?


Dr. Bob, age 55, with an income exceeding $250,000 and a portfolio approaching $400,000, lived with his wife, Claudia, in a lovely community. He was determined to enhance the lifestyle of his daughter, Kelly, and son-in-law, Matt, both age 28.… Continue reading


Recent Arizona Dental Grad vs. $10,000 Per Month Debt


I received the following letter from a young dentist recently. He represents the typical new general dentist in many ways. I am 32 years old with three children aged four, two and one-half, and 6 months. I graduated from dental… Continue reading

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