How Small Fees Add Up To Huge Costs In 401(k) Plans


Most Americans known intuitively that they pay fees for services they get. Tipping in restaurants, for instance. But a huge percentage of Americans don’t know that they pay fees for their retirement plan at work, and that those seemingly small… Continue reading

fantasy football is not an investment strategy

An NFL Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Is Not An Investment Strategy


As summer winds down many of us are heartened by the promise of crisp autumn air, pumpkin spice coffee drinks, and the weekly showdowns of NFL football giants. Amazingly, alongside the absolutely enormous revenue machine that is pro football, a… Continue reading


Can You Afford to Not Offer a Competitive, Modern 401(k) Plan?


American savings for retirement marches on — at least for those who have 401(k) plans at work. Fidelity Investments reports retirement plan balances on average hit a new all-time high. The 401(k) balance is 24% higher than a year ago,… Continue reading

next chapter; retirement planning; longevity

What’s Your Next Chapter? The Time To Plan For It Is Now


Many people, prompted to think about how long they might stay at work, fall back on statistics they hear in the media. You know, the ideal retirement age is 65, maybe a few years more, tops. The thing is, that… Continue reading

New 401k Provider

5 Reasons to Consider a Modern 401(k) Provider


All 401(k) services are not created equal. You may have had a plan in place for years and never questioned the fees and exactly what roles and responsibilities you might have toward employees. It’s time to dig in and ask… Continue reading


Is Your 401(k) Truly Competitive? Benchmark To Find Out


Assets in the top 401(k) plans exceeded $1 trillion in the past year and participation rates stayed steady at 81 percent, according to a new report from retirement industry tracker Judy Diamond. Finance, tax and insurance providers led the list… Continue reading


An Appreciation of Yale’s Star Investment Chief, David Swensen


The lives of financial titans can seem otherworldly, replete with the trinkets of absurd wealth that come from commanding personal billions. Then there’s David Swensen, the one-time Wall Streeter who passed up all that and instead focused on something larger… Continue reading


The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever


Not long ago, I received an unexpected early Father’s Day gift from my older daughter when she returned home for a long weekend visit with mom and dad. Since graduating from college Alyssa had been living in the Chicago area,… Continue reading


Small Business Owners, Don’t Leave Any 401(k) Money On the Table!


Although the SECURE Act became law more than a year ago, many small business owners still aren’t aware of the multitude of ways that it rewards small businesses that make easy for their employees to save for retirement. First and… Continue reading