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Your 401(k) Plan and Risk

Your 401(k) Plan and Risk: Understand the Fine Print


Who reads the fine print? Anyone? Of course not. Not on your new cellular phone and even less when entering any given website full of cat videos. But what about a 401(k) plan at work? You’d think that would deserve… Continue reading

401(k) Day Know Your Numbers: Rebalance's 401(k) Platform BetterK Has Saved Plan Participants up to 50% in Fees Over the Past Two Years

401(k) Day Know Your Numbers: Rebalance’s 401(k) Platform BetterK Has Saved Plan Participants up to 50% in Fees Over the Past Two Years


Employee Participation in BetterK Client Retirement Plans Currently Averages 88% BETHESDA, Md. & PALO ALTO, Calif. Sept. 7, 2022—In recognition of the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s National 401(k) Day, which this year features the theme “Know Your Numbers,” award-winning… Continue reading


David Ranney Brings Over Twenty Years of Experience and Innovation to Workplace Retirement Investing

Bethesda, Md. & Palo Alto, Calif. – July 11, 2022 – Award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance is pleased to announce that David Ranney has joined as Vice President of Sales for its premier small business 401(k) offering, Better K. He… Continue reading


Are Your 401(k) Plan Costs Average? Or Way Out of Line?


If you’re like many small business owners you probably started a 401(k) plan years ago and, since it’s been running fine, left it well enough alone.  You have a business to run, right? Shopping for a new 401(k) provider probably… Continue reading

better retirement help for women

Why Women Deserve A Better Retirement Savings Plan


The challenges women face when it comes to retirement are well-documented: They earn less than men, spend more years out of the workforce providing family care, and they live longer. As a result, experts note, women often need help to… Continue reading

Rebalance Tops $1 Billion

$1 Billion Dollars Is Just the Starting Point


My firm, Rebalance, recently celebrated a milestone — $1 billion in assets under management. It is an easy figure to misunderstand. The firm is not “bigger” or “more important” than a few years ago. What has changed is that an… Continue reading

what employees want

What Do Employees Want? Better 401(k) Advice For Starters


A new survey by Schwab asked retirement savers what they need to improve their 401(k) saving outlook. It identified four key areas around planning. Understandably, the concerns related to some of the thorniest issues of retirement saving: setting goals, investing,… Continue reading

Sharp Rise in 401(k) Lawsuits Now Threatens Small Businesses

Sharp Rise in 401(k) Lawsuits Now Threatens Small Businesses


A sharp rise in lawsuits over 401(k) retirement plan fees is driving up costs for business owners — and the risks are spreading to small firms, according to legal experts. The cases revolve around who is liable for whether a… Continue reading

401k Fees are a mystery to many employees

For Many Employees, 401(k) Fees Are A Mystery


A recent government study finds that nearly four in 10 Americans don’t understand the fees they pay for their retirement plan at work. A national survey conducted by my firm, Rebalance, found even worse news: Even more Americans — nearly… Continue reading