401(k) News Continued

Cash balance plans: Six-figure tax savings for dentists

Editor’s note: Originally published in November 2021 and updated with new financial information in April 2024. For dentists and practice owners, retirement investing tends to come in a few different forms. Often it’s a 401(k) plan, maybe a 401(k) plan with profit sharing, supplemental Roth IRA, or nonqualified taxable investments. While the broad popularity of 401(k)… Continue reading


Secure 2.0: Wide-Sweeping Retirement Legislation Passed by Congress


At Rebalance, we strive to make investing and saving for retirement smoother, safer, and easier for our small business owner clients and their employees with our BetterK solution. The recent passage of the new Secure Act 2.0 aims to expand access to retirement plants, increase retirement savings, help Americans preserve income, and streamline retirement plan… Continue reading


Your 401(k) Plan Should Come with an Advisor. Here is Why.


Recently, we wrote about what we consider best practice for our clients in terms of 401(k) plan design, such as offering a Roth 401(k), the advantages of a Safe Harbor design, and more. For small businesses, however, there is another important consideration: whether or not to seek investment advice. Many business owners have no financial… Continue reading


5 Big Issues with Small 401(k) Plans: Rebalance’s David Ranney


Small-business 401(k) plans face a lot of specific issues and challenges that don’t necessarily impact
larger retirement plans. Continue reading


Big Retirement Plan Mergers May Leave Business Owners Holding the Bag


Retirement plan mergers have changed the face of the 401(k) market, and not necessarily in favor of business owners. There were once a small number of big names in retirement, leading players who were record keepers for thousands of companies and millions of employees: Prudential, Mass Mutual, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, New York Life,… Continue reading

small business retirement plan design

5 Crucial Elements of Small Business Retirement Plan Design


Business owners often adopt best practices when it comes to a new product or service. They should take the same approach toward small business retirement plan design. It’s easy to assume that all plans are the same. They are not. That’s why design matters. In our experience, no matter the size of your business, there… Continue reading

Your 401(k) Plan and Risk

Your 401(k) Plan and Risk: Understand the Fine Print


Who reads the fine print? Anyone? Of course not. Not on your new cellular phone and even less when entering any given website full of cat videos. But what about a 401(k) plan at work? You’d think that would deserve a close read. A client of mine shared the contract he got from one plan… Continue reading

401(k) Day Know Your Numbers: Rebalance's 401(k) Platform BetterK Has Saved Plan Participants up to 50% in Fees Over the Past Two Years

401(k) Day Know Your Numbers: Rebalance’s 401(k) Platform BetterK Has Saved Plan Participants up to 50% in Fees Over the Past Two Years


Employee Participation in BetterK Client Retirement Plans Currently Averages 88% BETHESDA, Md. & PALO ALTO, Calif. Sept. 7, 2022—In recognition of the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s National 401(k) Day, which this year features the theme “Know Your Numbers,” award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance is pleased to share significant numbers.  These numbers illustrate how Rebalance’s… Continue reading


David Ranney Brings Over Twenty Years of Experience and Innovation to Workplace Retirement Investing

Bethesda, Md. & Palo Alto, Calif. – July 11, 2022 – Award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance is pleased to announce that David Ranney has joined as Vice President of Sales for its premier small business 401(k) offering, Better K. He will play a key driving role as Rebalance accelerates its efforts to help transform the… Continue reading