401(k) News Continued

David Ranney Brings Over Twenty Years of Experience and Innovation to Workplace Retirement Investing

Bethesda, Md. & Palo Alto, Calif. – July 11, 2022 – Award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance is pleased to announce that David Ranney has joined as Vice President of Sales for its premier small business 401(k) offering, Better K. He will play a key driving role as Rebalance accelerates its efforts to help transform the… Continue reading


Are Your 401(k) Plan Costs Average? Or Way Out of Line?


If you’re like many small business owners you probably started a 401(k) plan years ago and, since it’s been running fine, left it well enough alone.  You have a business to run, right? Shopping for a new 401(k) provider probably isn’t top of your to-do list, this week or even this year.  Yet you should… Continue reading

better retirement help for women

Why Women Deserve A Better Retirement Savings Plan


The challenges women face when it comes to retirement are well-documented: They earn less than men, spend more years out of the workforce providing family care, and they live longer. As a result, experts note, women often need help to invest well and overcome these long-term challenges. It thus behooves employers to offer a better quality… Continue reading

Rebalance Tops $1 Billion

$1 Billion Dollars Is Just the Starting Point


My firm, Rebalance, recently celebrated a milestone — $1 billion in assets under management. It is an easy figure to misunderstand. The firm is not “bigger” or “more important” than a few years ago. What has changed is that an increasing number of people trust us with their investments, and those investments have grown. That… Continue reading

Plansponsor - Rebalance Hires Retirement Services Director

Retirement Industry People Moves: Rebalance Hires Retirement Services Director


Wealth management firm Rebalance has added Nicole Cervi-McKeever as director of retirement services. In the role, Cervi-McKeever works directly with Rebalance’s Better K small business 401(k) clients and is responsible for the entire 401(k) client lifecycle, serving as the daily  point of contact for all Better K clients. “Over the past year, our Better K… Continue reading

New 401k Provider

5 Reasons to Consider a Modern 401(k) Provider


All 401(k) services are not created equal. You may have had a plan in place for years and never questioned the fees and exactly what roles and responsibilities you might have toward employees. It’s time to dig in and ask those questions. Read this brief guide to learn five reasons to consider a new, more… Continue reading


Defusing the Unseen Risk Many 401(k) Participants Take With Their Retirements


The rising popularity of target-date funds in 401(k) plans could be seen as a sign of progress. People seem to know that they need help picking the right combination of investments. Increasing numbers of them opt for target-date funds, which are designed to adjust the ratio of stocks to bonds over time, steadily reducing risk.… Continue reading


For Business Owners, The Real 401(k) Risk Is Doing Nothing


As an employer, can you one day be sued by your long-ago employees for how you managed their retirement money? You bet you can! All it takes is allegedly failing to offer investments with competitive fees, as Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center is finding out. In the Pensions & Investments story below, author Robert… Continue reading


Price Check: Does Your 401(k) Plan Measure Up?


As a nation we’ve become hyper-aware of pricing on nearly everything. Before, if you were interested in a pair of new sneakers or tires for your car, you could shop around but only at the cost of your time and, possibly, your sanity. Thanks to the Internet we can now pre-shop those shoes or tires… Continue reading