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Your 401(k) costs you far too much money

It’s Your Money, Take It With You, Dammit!


One thing not to forget when you leave a job: your 401(k)! Scott Puritz spoke to Rodney Brooks at The Washington Post about the best practice of taking your retirement savings with you when you switch jobs. Continue reading


Rebalance wins the Schwab Pacesetter IMPACT Award™


Every year, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and a panel of independent judges – all leaders in financial services – recognize firms that have made the greatest impact on the financial industry. Rebalance was awarded the prestigious Pacesetter award for… Continue reading


All the Ways You Can Mess Up Your 401(k)


Workplace retirement plans get a lot of bad press, primarily small company plans loaded with high fees. But, truth be told, 401(k)s have been a boon to millions of Americans with access to them. In total, 55 million savers held… Continue reading

Burt Malkiel on which investment do best over time

Rebalance Featured On PBS Finance Show Wealthtrack


Consuelo Mack is a long time fan of Professor Burton Malkiel and Dr. Charles Ellis. In fact, she had both of them on her show several times.  So naturally, she was intrigued when Burt and Charley joined the Rebalance team and took… Continue reading

Finding Investment Advice for More Modest Retirement Accounts

Finding Investment Advice For More Modest Retirement Accounts


If you’re perfectly capable of running your own retirement savings, selecting the right mix of low-cost investments, rebalancing at the right time and not buying and selling out of fear or greed, then good for you. But the majority of people… Continue reading


How To Invest Your Nest Egg?


Scott Puritz has been around money for most of his 62 years, so he knows something about the subject. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He attended Harvard Business School. He loves researching, discussing and creating able enterprises. The… Continue reading

How a new rule will save millions for American retirees

U.S. Senators Applaud Rebalance


Recently, the U.S. Senate held hearings on new rules to make retirement investing safer for all Americans. My partner, Managing Director of Rebalance Scott Puritz, is a nationally recognized authority on retirement investing and was asked to provide the Senate… Continue reading


Meeting Index Fund Creator John Bogle


Rebalance Managing Director Scott Puritz joined legendary Vanguard founder John Bogle, and other industry leaders, in the continued fight against unfair investment practices at the recent launch of the groundbreaking initiative ‘Campaign for Investors.’ This week, I had the distinct… Continue reading


The Biggest Financial Mistakes Doctors Make


I purchased a home in 1980 (before the practice!) at the peak of the housing boom  for $800 per month per month  (12 percent interest rate), bought a new car in 1981 for $310 a month (18 percent), then finally… Continue reading

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