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Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker (top right) and President Richard Nixon (bottom right) with scenes of inflation from the 1940s and ‘70s. BEN KOTHE FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

How Previous Generations Handled Inflation Crises

The great late Maya Angelou famously said when speaking about important lessons from the past: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”  Even though, she was not referring to inflation, but to way more important and consequential social issues, the lessons behind her wise words… Continue reading

More Munger

Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, left a significant legacy when he passed away last November, just shy of his 100th birthday. Charlie Munger, along with Warren Buffett, have always invested with the long-term in mind and advocated for investing practices that align with the Rebalance approach. You may want to check out… Continue reading


What to Know About 529 Accounts Owned by Grandparents & the New FAFSA

Recently, rules have changed for 529 plans, and there is now a “Grandparent Loophole” that could be of benefit to you. What to Know About 529 Accounts Owned by Grandparents & the New FAFSA by Kathryn Flynn, February 19, 2024 529 plans are a popular way for grandparents to save for college and for good… Continue reading


The Random Path to Stock-Market Riches

In his Wall Street Journal piece, Spencer Jakab explores how haphazard stock selection, inspired by Burton Malkiel’s ideas from “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” demonstrates the surprising success of random stock picks over expert fund managers. The Random Path to Stock-Market Riches by Spencer Jakab, May 13, 2024 Words rarely heard from star fund… Continue reading


Backdoor Roth IRAs Are Promising — and Perilous

The “backdoor” Roth IRA presents a tantalizing solution for those keen on maximizing savings, offering tax-free growth and withdrawals. Read Laura Saunders’ article from the Wall Street Journal below to learn more. Backdoor Roth IRAs Are Promising — and Perilous by Laura Saunders, May 3, 2024 For determined savers, the backdoor Roth IRA is an… Continue reading


The Psychologist Who Turned the Investing World on Its Head

Last week, the investing world lost a giant – Daniel Kahneman. A psychologist at Princeton University and winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, Kahneman may well have had more influence on investing than anyone else who was not a professional investor. Jason Zweig wrote a lovely tribute to Kahneman in his WSJ column. Check… Continue reading


Redesigning Retirement

Learn strategies for organizations to leverage the experience of older workers and address skill gaps in the workforce. The below article  offering invaluable insights into navigating pressing issues such as talent shortages and shifting demographics. Written by Ken Dychtwald, Robert Morison, and Katy Terveer, this article is a must-read for anyone interested in the future… Continue reading


What is the worst time to hire a financial adviser?

Rebalance Managing Director Mitch Tuchman outlines in this column how one should take financial advice as seriously as they take medical advice. by Mitch Tuchman, January 31, 2024 If the number of digits on your retirement account balance surprises you, that might be a sign you need to get help with your financial decisions. The average… Continue reading


Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone

A 48-year-old major milestone has been reached: in 2023, mutual and exchange traded index funds in the United States overtook their actively managed counterparts. Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone by Miriam Rozen, January 31, 2024 By a margin of $8 billion, the investment industry reached a 48-years-in-the-making milestone at the end of 2023: Passive… Continue reading


What I Learned When I Stopped Watching the Stock Market

WSJ Columnist Jason Zweig, as he returns from a lengthy sabbatical, excellently illustrates Rebalance’s tried and true mantra: think long-term and turn off the “noise”. What I Learned When I Stopped Watching the Stock Market Over-reacting to the news can poison your portfolio and sour your life. Here’s how to keep your investment plan on track.… Continue reading


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