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What is the worst time to hire a financial adviser?

Rebalance Managing Director Mitch Tuchman outlines in this column how one should take financial advice as seriously as they take medical advice. by Mitch Tuchman, January 31, 2024 If the number of digits on your retirement account balance surprises you, that might be a sign you need to get help with your financial decisions. The average… Continue reading


Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone

A 48-year-old major milestone has been reached: in 2023, mutual and exchange traded index funds in the United States overtook their actively managed counterparts. Index Funds Overtake Active Funds In Major Milestone by Miriam Rozen, January 31, 2024 By a margin of $8 billion, the investment industry reached a 48-years-in-the-making milestone at the end of 2023: Passive… Continue reading


What I Learned When I Stopped Watching the Stock Market

WSJ Columnist Jason Zweig, as he returns from a lengthy sabbatical, excellently illustrates Rebalance’s tried and true mantra: think long-term and turn off the “noise”. What I Learned When I Stopped Watching the Stock Market Over-reacting to the news can poison your portfolio and sour your life. Here’s how to keep your investment plan on track.… Continue reading


New Safeguards for IRA Rollovers?

Enrolling in a 401(k) has never been easier, now that about two-thirds of large employers automatically sign up new employees in their workplace retirement plans. And thanks to the growth of set-it-and-forget-it target-date funds, investing the contributions to your 401(k) is a lot easier, too. But if you leave your job or retire, you’ll need… Continue reading


What is the Story of the Last Few Years?


As 2023 draws to a close, this question may be on many investors’ minds. Stock markets in the year 2020 started off on an upward trend with the S&P 500 Index increasing from a closing value of $3,230.78 on 12/31/2019 to $3,386.15 on 2/19/2020 (a gain of about 4.8% in less than two months). However,… Continue reading


The Value in Automating Required Minimum Distribution Payments (RMDs)


As we approach the end of 2023, it is important to look at one’s entire financial picture and decide if any actions must be taken to optimize one’s finances in the coming year.  One such action that our Rebalance team prioritizes is reminding our clients ages 72 and over to automate their RMDs. You might… Continue reading


Financial Gift Ideas for Any Age

Are you wondering what to wrap up and gift to your loved ones this holiday season? The article below showcases financial gifts, and provides excellent options for a variety of ages, from children to seniors and all others in between. Financial Gift Ideas for Any Age Helping a loved one pay off debt or paying for… Continue reading


If You Hate Investment Risk, High Interest Rates Are Great. With a Catch.

New York Times columnist Jeff Sommer makes a case that investors who play it too safe with their market portfolios may end up feeling sorry. By Jeff Sommer, December 8, 2023 “All investments involve taking on risk.” That’s a standard Securities and Exchange Commission warning. Be careful. But be aware that unless you take on… Continue reading


Four Lucrative Tax Deductions That Seniors Often Overlook

Attention seniors: there are several tax deductions available that can greatly affect one’s financial planning at year end.   This Wall Street Journal article explains each of these tax breaks, and how to go about taking advantage of them. Four Lucrative Tax Deductions That Seniors Often Overlook There are a host of tax breaks available to… Continue reading