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Changing Jobs? Before Leaving, Don’t Forget This Money Move


Americans change jobs a lot — more than a dozen times over a career. A new opportunity beckons, across town or across the country. Cake is consumed and co-workers hand you a card scrawled with cheerful goodbyes. Your boss says… Continue reading

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The Financial Advice I Give My Daughter


You’re probably thinking: Isn’t it the same thing you tell your sons? Of course it is. The point is not that women need different guidance. Rather, women need guidance that too often is not given to them. As a financial… Continue reading


We’re Smart, Capable and Amassing Vast Wealth. So, Why Aren’t We Taking Control of Our Finances?


I’m guilty. There, I said it. And, it feels great to confess.  I am among the millions of women, globally and across generations, who fall into a distinct category—highly-educated, affluent married women, widows or divorcees who defer significant financial decisions… Continue reading

women investing

Women can — and should — take charge of their personal finances


In her column for the Washington Post, Michelle Singletary regularly calls on women to take charge of their finances. And she has a valid point in doing so. Women are statistically going to be the sole money manager of their… Continue reading

divorce after 50

Divorce After 50: Surprising Changes When It Comes To Taxes


It’s one of those statistics that is both surprising and, well, not surprising. Baby Boomers, the generation that led the charge into no-fault divorces in the 1970s and 1980s, continue to lead other age groups in divorce into their retirement… Continue reading


Suze Orman Thinks You Need At Least $5 Million To Retire


Author and personal-finance guru Suze Orman ruffled a lot of feathers in a recent podcast, saying that people need $5 million — maybe even $10 million — in order to retire. Orman was responding to a question about the “financial… Continue reading

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A Financial Checklist for Your Newly Minted High School Graduate


Do you have a teenager who is about to head off to college, or a young adult in your life digging into the start of their working lives? “Real world” financial matters, such as budgeting, banking, and health insurance, can… Continue reading

401k retirement

The Basics of 401(k) Retirement Planning


The history of the most common American retirement plan — the workplace 401(k) — is long, but the essential idea is simple. Save money today and lower your current income taxes. Put in pre-tax money while you are working and… Continue reading

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Financial Planning Is About Freedom From Worry


I once had a client who asked me, point-blank: “Do I have enough money that I can fly business class the rest of my life?” So, we had a few discussions and I drew up her financial plan. The answer… Continue reading

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