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The Rebalance Team is Driving Investing Literacy Across the U.S.

The Rebalance Team is Improving Investing Literacy Across the U.S.


In February the Rebalance team was able to illustrate our dedication to enhancing investing literacy throughout the United States. As thought leaders in the financial services industry, it is our mission to provide education to individuals and small businesses alike. Several of our team members were invited to participate on panels and presentations focused on… Continue reading

Rebalance Webinar Series - Investing 101

Join Scott Puritz for an Enlightening Conversation About Your Money

Investing for your long-term goals is not rocket science. There really are just a few fundamental choices to make, choices that over time lead to better investment returns. What’s more, you can get those returns without all the jumpiness and second-guessing common among short-term thinkers and supposed Wall Street “pros.” Research has shown, repeatedly, that… Continue reading


Creating Your Ethical Will – Redefining Legacy

What is money, if not the means to secure a better, more fulfilling life? And how will you communicate to your heirs the importance of your carefully assembled resources?   Legacy is about more than cash and property. It’s the transmission of your life’s work to the next generation. That’s why creating an “ethical will” is… Continue reading


Charitable Planning Essentials – A Smarter Way to Give

We all like the idea of giving back, especially when we feel grateful for the opportunities afforded us in life. That charitable impulse is powerful, and it is an impulse that can be amplified by harnessing simple, proven planning tools.  Colby Bircher, of Fidelity Charitable, will present and answer your questions on specific strategies toward… Continue reading


Let’s Talk About Aging – What We Can Plan For Today!

Aging is natural and normal. It’s just part of life! As we get older, however, it becomes increasingly important to consider how to age securely and safely, as you had intended. Join us for an illuminating conversation about how to plan for aging, whether for yourself, a partner, parents, or other loved ones. We’ll dig… Continue reading


Does Your Retirement Plan Have Issues? A Webinar for Dental Practices

As a hardworking dental practice owner, you’re plenty busy running your practice. It’s been a long road with taking on business debt, establishing your name, building a team. Every detail must be carefully managed to succeed. And it turns out you’re actually good at that! So who’s taking the same level of care and diligence… Continue reading


Mitch Tuchman Explains the 5 Drivers of Investment Success

The overwhelming message from Wall Street about investing is that it’s complex and hard to understand. And sure, the underlying mechanics of trading can be obtuse. There’s a reason people get advanced degrees in finance. All of that matters if you actually do finance for a living, day to day. But few of us are… Continue reading